Voor who and which motorcycles?

The mountain training and the motorcycle skills training are suitable for every motorcyclist. Whether you have a lot or little experience, drive a chopper, enduro, sports or touring motorcycle, have a quiet or sporting driving style.

The groups are divided as much as possible by driving style, experience, etc. In this way, everyone drives a group that is as suitable as possible for him or her.


We strive to make every motorcyclist get better, adjusted to everyone's level and experience.


And that in a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed as a Motorcyclist and can therefore optimally enjoy a beautiful hobby.

Trainers/coaches with experience in various disciplines as well as training:

Remco van den Ende:

  • Former motorcycle instructor

  • Ambulance driver for 20 years

  • Part-time instructor at Stunt and WheelieSchool

Jeremy Vonk:

  • Former motorcycle instructor

  • Professional Stunt driver

  • Instructor and owner of Stunt and WheelieSchool

  • Test driver for FHM Magazine and presenter of the engine program "Krachtpatsers"




In a casual atmosphere and with respect for each other, by means of coaching and, if desired, even by instruction through. for example, a demo, controlling your motorcycle, understanding the road and improving other traffic.


Our instructors / coaches also “listen” to the group and by having conversations about certain situations, we bring a kind of safety thinking in the driving behavior of the participants.



With us, fun, respect for each other. Adapted routes for every level. Anyone can participate, just have your driver's license, have followed some different trainings or you just drive a lot of kilometers, For each participant there will be photo images available as a reminder and of course a certificate of participation


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Waarom staat hier geen telefoonnummer?


Wij zijn een bedrijf dat hiernaast ook een wheelieschool heeft waarbij cursisten van over heel de wereld komen. Zodat niets ons van het werk afleidt tijdens de trainingen en de wheelie lessen bij Stunt and WheelieSchool, hebben wij besloten om hierbij geen oproepen te beantwoorden. Wij vragen u daarom om onderstaande contactmogelijkheid te gebruiken. Geef ons ook uw gewenste contactgegevens. Wij kunnen u natuurlijk wel zelf telefonisch contacteren wanneer dat gewenst is.

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