ADVANCED RIDING SCHOOL organizes mountain trainings for every motorcyclist.


With our 3 day mountain training in the Eifel we drive through a beautiful environment that stands for pure driving pleasure! This environment is seen by many as a playground for motorcyclists! The routes go over many beautiful roads with various different types of bends.

Mountain training is for everyone who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle better and more safely. The Eifel offers the ideal (curvy) conditions for learning to drive the right curves in combination with the correct position on the road.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our mountain trainings in the Eifel.

For Who and which motorcycles?

Whether you have a lot or little experience, drive a chopper, sports or touring motor, have a calm or sporting driving style. Partly because high speeds in the mountainous area are not so relevant, everyone can join this beautiful mountain training in the Eifel!

After the introductory ride on the first afternoon, the groups are divided as much as possible by driving style, experience, etc. In this way, everyone drives in a suitable group for him or her.

In addition to intensive training, mountain training in the Eifel is also a fun weekend with fellow motorcyclists. In short: an unmissable experience for every motorcyclist of every level.


During our training, instructions and tips are given to make you as a motorcyclist ride even safer and smoother. Aspects that are dealt with include sitting posture, steering posture, correct operation, viewing technique, cornering technique, stopping / turning on a slope, slope test, hazard perception, position choices, speed dosing, overtaking techniques, space cushion and risk perception.

Because there are different groups with different levels, the content of the training may differ. This is also because we keep time and space to handle questions and wishes from the group.

After the mountain training, we hope that everyone has enjoyed the fun and especially learned the necessary things!

What is important to know

Based on your registration, we will check what your learning objectives are. You will then end up in a group of a maximum of 4 people with a comparable skill level and similar wishes. If you want to come with your own (friends) group, then this is of course always possible.

The course starts at 9:30 AM at Moto Puro in Nuenen (Netherlands) with a theoretical explanation. The course program "what are we going to do and what do we want to learn" is explicitly addressed. Then we start with the road training.

The trainer/coach will personally provide the students with instruction and coaching via the radio. Every fellow student will hear all the instructions and can also apply these tips and tools themselves.

It is stopped several times to evaluate the ride and to receive the necessary feedback. You will also be asked about your personal experiences (how have you experienced the ride so far?). Your feeling is very important!

During the course, photos are taken of the different situations, these images are viewed and discussed in the evening. The photos of each are e-mailed to the relevant rider after the training.

Hotel including Breakfastand Dinner

The mountain training in the Eifel involves a 3 day trip and includes hotel, extensive Eifel's breakfast and dinner. 





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8 places available

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