The training / exercise takes place on the public road. The participant is fully responsible for violations of legal provisions and the consequences thereof.

Even when following the instructor or another participant, the participant himself remains responsible for his driving behavior and for the possible exceeding of legal provisions and the consequences thereof.


Participant only follows instructions from the instructors insofar as he / she considers himself capable of doing so. He / she is therefore responsible for whether or not to perform exercises and the way in which they are performed, including the speed with which the exercises are performed.


The participant himself is fully responsible for his driving behavior and his behavior towards other road users.


The participant further declares that he / she understands that this training is intended to improve driving skills on the motorcycle, with particular attention to steering and braking techniques and the interaction with other road users. The intention is that this helps the student learn to drive more safely, among other things through better control of his / her motorcycle.


It is emphatically not training to promote fast driving or to endanger the student or other road users in any other way.


When following the route descriptions provided, the participant remains responsible and liable for his / her participation in traffic. For instructions that conflict with legal provisions or that are not possible.


He / she indemnifies ADVANCED RIDINGSCHOOL and the instructors against any liability for damage or injury in any form incurred during or as a result of the training / exercise.

By booking the training, the person concerned declares to have read, understood and agree to the above.

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