ADVANCED RIDINGSCHOOL organizes tours through the Eifel (GER) for every motorcyclist.


Beautiful asphalt roads with challenging continuous curves.
Small mountain roads and hairpin bends. Everyone is always euphoric about driving in the mountains, because there you have real turns! We take you to the most beautiful routes in the Eifel! From the famous Cochem to the Nurburgring. Everything is covered!

For who and which motorcycles?

Whether you have a lot or little experience, drive a chopper, sports or touring motor, have a calm or sporting driving style. Partly because high speeds in the mountainous area are not so relevant, everyone can join this beautiful Eifel tour!

After the introductory ride at the end of the morning, the groups are divided as much as possible by driving style, experience, etc. In this way, everyone rides in a suitable group for him or her. (2 groups in total)

Hotel incl breakfast and dinner

3 day trip including hotel, extensive Eifel's breakfast and dinner. 

Possibility to rent motorbikes

For people who have a driver's license but don't have a motorcycle but would like to drive in the Eifel

or for the people who come from abroad we have a special rental offer available from different Ducati Motors.


DUE to COVID-19 these trainings are not possible on this moment.


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